• Target Agriculture team in Biofach 2020 Target Agriculture team in Biofach 2020
  • Fairtrade project started at Karambe, Yapahuwa Fairtrade project started at Karambe, Yapahuwa

2020 .02. 19   
Target agriculture contribution in Biofach 2020 exhibition

The largest annual exhibition of organic food manufactures in Germany, Biofach was held from 12.02.2020 to 15.02.2020 in Nuremberg Germany. The company also presented a range of new organic fruit products for this year
  • New Products in Biofach 2020
  • Chairman at Target Agriculture stall
  • Team Target Agriculture - Biofach 2020
2019 .06. 10   
Inspiring the novel hope for children - A faretrade project for education

Fairtrade is an always bound up part of organic food production. Target Agriculture company is also a leader in the organic fruit manufacturing . As company constantly caring about farmers and also involving their life, supporting them with various products and implementing projects to improve their livelihood. This is the beginning of another such a worthy project. Information Technology and English learning center was built and handed over to children, at Yapahuwa Karambe in Kurunegala District. The children and relative child of farmers families, who contribute to organic farming can learn English and IT for free.
  • Information Technology Center and language Learning center opening (ITTC) - Fairtrade project
  • Opennig Speach ITTC opening
  • ITTC opening moment
  • Student working with Computer - ITTC
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