Dr. Thomas Gerbracht chose to settle in Sri Lanka after visiting in the 1990s. He turned “Target Agriculture dream” into a reality founding it in Sri Lanka in 1994 and marked the world map with Sri Lankan organic fruits processing and export.

Guiding principle behind the company is to give the customer what nature would give its own way. This kept us bound to organic farming. The processing facility is equipped and manned by experienced personnel.

The company is engaged in value addition to fruits in 3 categories which are dehydrated fruits, fruit juices/pulps/purees and IQF Fruits. Later, Target expanded and included 3 other countries which are Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. From its humble origins as a family project in Sri Lanka, Target has grown to provide more than 200 certified organic products, from organic farms all over Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia to customers in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia.

In 1999 its sister company, Ce’Nedra (Pvt) Ltd. started operation in processing and exporting of organic coconut products. The company involving in rural agriculture, improves the rural economy of Sri Lanka. We are certified for organic status by Control Union Certifications, for food safety by SGS, for Fairtrade by Flocert and for social compliance by Control Union Certifications. At present we have more than 2500 acres of land under certification.

  The whole thing was a dream! You visualize it subconsciously. The inner urge to turn it into reality produces this drive.
Chairman -Thomas Gerbracht
  As a company, Our Vision.
  Supplying healthier organic fruit products in a better cooperation with customers and suppliers.
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